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Love under a lucky star

documentary podcast

A documentary podcast by Delphine and Pierre-Etienne Vilbert, based on Love.

Each season focuses on a theme around Love, through the testimonies of several people, alone or in couple. 

Saison 02 -> Artists (also) look for love - 4x20'

A new season in which Delphine and Pierre-Etienne Vilbert met artists, single or in a couple, who are looking for a way to fulfil their love life while pursuing their professional career. How does Art help them (or not) in their quest for love?  

A creation of Compagnons de l'Imaginaire with the support of INFILIGNES 

Thank you to the artists who played the game by sharing with us a bit of their intimacy and their view of Love: Thank you to Achille, Thank you to Lisza, Thank you to Vincent, Thank you to Zoé & Sébastien.

Music : Stuart Evans - Home sweet home -

(Licence Creative Commons 3.0)

Saison 01 -> COMPLEMENTARITY - 3x20'

A documentary podcast by Delphine Prouteau and Pierre-Etienne Vilbert, who went to meet those who experience a certain harmony within their couple.

What are their secrets? How do they approach life as a couple? 

Each season is based on a major theme, through the testimonies of three couples. 

For this first season, we have chosen "Complementarity" which is articulated in three 20-minute episodes, based on the words of three couples from three different generations: 20s', 40s' and 80s'.

Thank you to the three couples who were kind enough to share a little of their life journey with us. Thank you to Alice & Nathan, Thank you to Raymonde & Fabrice, Thank you to Véronique & Marc

Music : Stuart Evans - Home sweet home -
(Creative Commons 3.0 License)

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