written theatre plays

Beyond mountain sides

Theater play
Theme: The Meaning of Existence - Epic/Fantasy/Humour


In a kingdom hit by a contagious epidemic, the king survives only thanks to the queen's good care, mysteriously immune to the virus. But she disappears one day without a trace, if not a word, indicating that she is searching for the "meaning of all this".

And the king dies.

Hysterio, the great archimage of the kingdom, the last pillar of power, found himself helpless in the face of the task at hand and decided to find the chosen one he had seen in one of his visions, the only one capable of finding the queen and thus saving the kingdom.
 And it is the modest Lord Ovodeep whom fate seems to have pointed out. The one who had never left his house in the shape of an egg therefore sets out in search of the lost queen, thus starting a real initiatory journey, at the end of which he will find much more than he had imagined...

In the interstices of our acts

​2017 - Theme: Courage & Values - Drama/Epicture/Family Drama
16 characters (8 actors) - 10452 words - about 90min
Creation laboratory conducted at La Halte in Liège (BE) in November 2017

Fritz Wendel, a wealthy Belgian industrialist, has just passed away.
The death of the steel patriarch awakens old conflicts between family members. But darker secrets, hidden beyond the family circle, also appear on the surface.
For better or worse....

Distance and impact

2016 - Theme: Debt, Value and Local Currency - Comedy/Society

5 characters - 7391 words - about 50min
Creation laboratory conducted in Strasbourg with CEAAC and STUCK in June 2016


Varany Sol, a passionate but worn-out gallery owner, decides to organize a last-gasp auction to try to save his gallery.
The unexpected arrival of an irresponsible wealthy entrepreneur will shake up each other's vision of the world and the value of things.

Garden of balances

2015 - Theme: Free and responsible? - Family comedy/mystery
6 characters - 13,558 words - about 1h35

Creation laboratory  conducted in Strasbourg, in partnership with Le Tambourin


When informed of his father's recent death, Jérémie, a documentary filmmaker based in Congo, returned for the funeral. Not being able to attend due to an incident between two stopovers, he went to the notary's office of Maître Marin to consult the documents relating to the inheritance. But access to these documents will prove more complicated than he thought....

The Cerberus and the Moon

2013 - Theme: The Other's Perspective - Anticipation/Comedy/Absurd
6 characters - 10 160 words - about 1h10

Creation laboratory conducted in Strasbourg, in partnership with Le PréO

​In the near future, a surveillance office has just detected an individual with unusual behaviour. 
The interrogation will seek to understand the particular night of this man...

Expiration date

2012 - Theme: Consumption, who eats who? - Drama/Black humor
8 characters - 11 310 words - about 1h20
Creation laboratory conducted in Strasbourg, in partnership with Le PréO

​In a western city, the special day of a small supermarket and an advertising agency is punctuated by the misadventures of their employees. 
A squeaky little story, deadline tries to humorously question our daily lives as consumers and individuals.


​2011 - Theme: Resistance - Anticipation/Drama/Humour
6 characters - 8925 words - about 1h15
Creation laboratory conducted in Strasbourg, in partnership with Le PréO

Somewhere. In a future more or less far away.
In an abandoned station a father waits for his daughters.
They try to join him so that "the group", a secret organization, allows them to leave the territory to escape the regime that threatens them. The race against time has begun....

Lucius alias Nero

​2011 - Theme: the last hours of the Emperor Nero - History/Tragedy
8 characters - 11,601 words - about 1h25

​Reigning over the world for fourteen years, Nero has lost several supporters, including a majority of senators. Dealing more with his passion for the arts than with the obligations of power, he knows nothing about the plot that threatens him. But in a few hours, the master of the world will be forced to become just a man again.

Wheels & Incidents

​2010 - Theme: Identity - Comedy/Absurden/Black Humour
6 characters - 12,174 words - about 1h20
Creation laboratory conducted in Strasbourg, in partnership with Le PréO

Present day.
Several candidates come forward to obtain the much coveted position in an internationally renowned company. 
Between the specific requirements of recruitment and his desire to make a good impression, one of them finds himself confronted with a situation that will exceed him.

Line of sight

​2009 - Theme: Television and you - Bitter Comedy/Sitcom
5 characters - 9368 words - about 1 hour
Creation laboratory conducted in Strasbourg, in partnership with Le PréO

Present day. 
In a large apartment, three roommates live more or less harmoniously until a new occupant arrives: the television set...


​2007 - Theme: Small spaces of freedom - Anticipation/Absurde/Humour
4 characters - 7669 words - about 1 hour

Creation laboratory conducted in Strasbourg, in partnership with Le PréO

​​Somewhere in a dark post-apocalyptic future, three individuals survive in the remains of a department store.
Curious rules govern their daily lives and the prospect of reconnecting with the outside world does not seem very reassuring.
But today, one of them is still risking to change the established rules...

The maze game

​2007: Theme: the complicated love relationship - Poetic comedy/Young public
2 characters - 7881 words - about 1 hour

​In a labyrinth house with countless corridors, two characters meet and lose each other over and over again until a curious phenomenon pushes them to change the established order...

Neighbours of Zero

​2006 - Theme: Compulsive gambling - Contemporary tragedy / Descent to hell
4 characters - 13,321 words - about 1h30

​Dead end. 

A man in trouble.
A woman on edge.
A girl not so much a child anymore.
And a Fury not so angry.
Four characters for an in camera session. Everything certainly started as soon as he lost his job. But he's not sure anymore. 
es financial troubles to the joy of the first win, he remembers that gambling became one day the cure for the evil that was eating away at him. Or was it just the delicious poison that caused it to fall?

...sed lex

​2004 - Theme: The Control Society - Anticipation/Futurist Tragedy/Forecast Humour
3 characters - 11,471 words - about 1h30

​Somewhere in the future, two men meet in one of the many cells of the establishment, a kind of gigantic prison machine.
Without really knowing why they are locked up or when they will be able to leave, the two men get to know each other.

One will then reveal to the other the nature of the system that placed them here.

Crack, Burst & Debris - Triptych

​2002 - Theme: the stages of madness - Monologues/Drama/Extreme black humor
3 characters - 7661 words - about 1h10

Three characters come to confess, to reveal themselves at three different stages of their journey.
Each one goes through a particular stage in a relative and even descent into hell. 

The first lives the metamorphosis, the rupture with his old way of thinking and being.

The second tries to survive in the midst of the consequences of her actions with the help of her imaginary friends.

The third, beyond any suffering committed, remains motionless trying to remember, trying to keep in memory his past.