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the audio drama

Saison #01
12x about 12'

A Compagnons de lʼImaginaire production with the support of INFILIGNES

At the time of the first confinement, the writer-director Pierre-Etienne Vilbert saw the need to question the state of our democracies, our freedoms, our relationships with each other. From this was born GLOBAL 404. An audio fiction that brings together 14 actors for nearly 3 hours of storytelling in 12 episodes. A season 02 is planned.    


In this dystopia, as the confinements progress, a "surveillance society" is insidiously put in place. Our hero, Gregoire Python, nicknamed Py, will seek against all odds to restore the hidden truth, both in his personal life and on the scale of humanity.     Py is a seasoned hacker. After many months of work to create Syann, an Artificial Intelligence with autonomous mind, this one finally comes "to life". It turns his life upside down and puts him in the sights of a formidable adversary. 


Full of humour and hope, the story of GLOBAL 404 raises questions about the importance of reconnecting with a true spirit of brotherhood. The only way out for building a society that is more fair and more liveable, respecting the freedom of the individual.

Anaïs Aouat - Azzedine Benamara - Caroline Berliner - Laure Brillaud - Simon Drahonnet - Eugène Egle - Estelle Franco - Chloé Larrère - Romain Pivard - Delphine Prouteau - François Sauveur - Vincent Sornaga - Naïma Triboulet - Alexandre Trocki - Pierre-Etienne Vilbert


Sound effects and atmospheres :
BBC - Many contributors - P-E Vilbert

Musics : Scott Altham - Kevin Mac Leod - Rafael Krux - Franck Nora - Alexander Nakarada - TPRRMX - Daniel Deluxe

Directed, Edited et Mixed par Pierre-Etienne Vilbert 

Produced with the support of INFILIGNES

Pierre-Etienne Vilbert would like to thank Benjamin Jaussaud for his early guidance, Reno Mellow and Reaper Mania for their very enlightening youtube tutorials (distinct), all the actors who trusted this raw project by offering a little of their time and a lot of their talent, Florence Verney, Yannick Herfray, Guillaume Gouget, Laure Brillaud, Stéphane Wolffer, Pauline Squelbut, Vincent Schneider for their targeted and precious sound collaboration, to Marc Le Vacon for his warm commitment to make this story heard and finally to Delphine Prouteau for her absolute and unfailing support.

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