Creation Laboratory

What is it?


Pierre-Etienne Vilbert, author and director, has been organizing this theater workshop, called Creation Laboratory, for nearly fifteen years now, for amateur or experienced actors of all generations. Each new edition starts with a theme on which improvisations and writing will be based. Based on the exercises conducted, scenes are written by Pierre-Etienne Vilbert and then worked on stage by the group.

The characters created are fully inspired by the "nature" of each one, constituting the singularity that is highly appreciated in this approach. In a playful spirit, participants are invited, throughout the workshop, to experience the process of creating a play.

At the end of this collective experience, where playing time and writing alternate, a new piece is born.


A theater workshop in 3 steps


The first few hours allow you to create a common language with a discovery of the game on the board, the relationship with your partner, listening... etc. Then, in a second stage, the objective is to end up writing theater scenes that will gradually constitute the play itself. Finally, once the play is finalized, the acting and staging is discussed with the participants. The whole team is mobilized at each stage (choice of costumes, accessories...). The play is designed to be played in any type of room, with a light decor. 


Number of participants

minimum 5 / maximum 10

For whom ?

Amateur or experienced actors of all generations. The only constraint is to commit to the entire process.

Duration of the workshop

between 60 and 80 hours over the year, in 3-hour sessions 

The Creation Laboratory 
Over the past years


2017 "Courage and Values
In the interstices of our acts - 8 actors - La Halle à Liège (BE) 


2016 "Debt and value". 
Distance and impact - 5 actors - CEAAC in Strasbourg (FR) 


2015 "Free and responsible?”
Garden of equilibrium - 5 actors - Le Tambourin in Strasbourg (FR) 


2013 "The gaze of the other" 
The cerberus and the moon - 6 actors - Le PréO in Oberhausbergen (FR) 


2012 "Consumption: Who eats whom?"  
Deadline - 8 actors - Le PréO in Oberhausbergen (FR) 


2011 “Resistance" 
Tentative - 6 actors - Le PréO in Oberhausbergen (FR) 


2010 "Identity".  
Wheels & Incidents - 6 actors - Le PréO in Oberhausbergen (FR) 


2009 "Small spaces of freedom". 
Carrousel - 4 actors - Le PréO in Oberhausbergen (FR)


2008 "Television and you". 
Line of Sight - 6 actors - Le PréO in Oberhausbergen (FR) 


2007 "Leaving and returning". 
Corner(s) - 5 players - The Water Point in Ostwald (FR) 


2006 "The meeting"
Like a Monday - 7 actors - The Theatrical Bunker in Eckbolsheim (FR)

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