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Beyond mountain sides

the web series

Comic Fantasy

Season 01 8x5'


In an imaginary kingdom hit by a curious epidemic, the king survived only thanks to the queen's good care, mysteriously immune to the virus. But one fine morning the queen disappeared, abandoning the king as the kingdom, to go in search of the "meaning of all this".
The two advisers of the kingdom, Archimage Hysterio and Baron Vacilliare, will then have to face this unforeseen situation and try to manage a kingdom on their own...

Beyond mountain sides is an attempt to create a bridge between audiovisual and theatre.
Originally, the project also included a play whose story takes place in the same world as the web series.

The web series spans several seasons and is a joyful introduction to the world of the play. Then, the Internet user will be invited to discover the rest of the story through the play, in which six actors will perform more than twenty characters.

To know the events related to its diffusion, Feel free to subscribe to this Facebook page.

Writing and directing: Pierre-Etienne Vilbert | Acting: Jacques Bruckmann (Vacilliare) - Marc Schweyer (Hysterio) | Camera operators | David Braun - Jean-Christophe Pêcheur - Estelle Duriez - David Erhard | Set Design | Estelle Duriez - Pauline Squelbut | Costumes | Ateliers de la colombe in Strasbourg | Lighting designer : Stéphane Wolffer | Image assistant : Vincent Schneider | Sound : Kinane Mouala - Romain Pivard | Image Editing | Pierre-Etienne Vilbert | Music Composition : Tristan Lepagney | Mixing and Sound Editing : Denis Balthazar | Calibration : Henri Gander | Generic | Pierre Hageman | Accompaniment Broadcast Production : INFILIGNES - Delphine Prouteau | Thanks : The DAOLOTH Companions | ALPAGA | STUDIO 360 | STUDIO BOKEH | Marie-Hélène David | Marie Paillat | Robin Pfrimmer | Unsplash (Samuel Zeller, Kenan Kitchen, Gabriel Checchia Vitali) | Season 1 of the web series was entirely self-produced and could not have seen the day without the good will and investment of each team member. Thank you to them!

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