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Initially a playwright, his writing gradually extended to the audiovisual field.

Over time he trained himself to the specificities of this writing, first by following several Masterclasses led by eminent American script specialists: Christopher Vogler - Robert McKee - John Truby. 

Then in 2014, he was selected to take part in the first promotion of the "A year on scriptwriting professions" training course at the ENS Louis Lumière in Paris.

Global 404 - Podcast

Duration : 11 x about 11'
Year : 2020
In the making - (INFILIGNES)

Sons of the Force - Podcast

Duration : 14'
Year : 2020

Late Bet - Feature Film

Format : 120min - Drama

Feature Film written in duet with the director Boris Baum (Les Films de la Récré)


In Tenebris - Series

Format: 6x52min - Drama - Fantastic


Audiovisual series written in duet with Pierre Hageman

Project selected at the Brussels Lab Series 2018

Legacies - Mini Series

Format : 3x52min - Thriller - Drama - Fantastic

Director : Henri Gander

​The Benevolent - Series

​Format : 6x52min - Thriller - Fantastic - Art Nouveau

​Audiovisual series of the multi-platform project The Benevolent

Project selected for Innovative Writing 2016 - Strasbourg - Metz - Luxembourg (From writing to image)

The Benevolent - Series Podcast

Format : 10x10min - Drama History - Fantastic

​​Podcast series of the multi-platform project The Benevolent

Precipice - Digital Series

Format: 10x15min - Social Drama - Thriller

​Digital series written with Raphaël Baudet and Pierre Hageman, project led by director Ramzi Sebbahi

Small Detours - Digital Series 360° VR

​Digital series in 360° VR - 10x6min - Comedy

Project led by Adrien Monnoyer (Tamia Reality) and Pierre-Etienne Vilbert

Realization of a model of the pilot - June 2017

Beyond mountain sides - the web series

​Season 01 online 
Format: 8x5' - Comedy - Fantastic Medieval
Year: 2017-2019

Webseries, prequel to the play Beyond mountain sides




Smitten - CM

Duration : 120sec
Year : 2012

Nikon Film Competition 2012

Theme : i'm a fan


The take off - CM

​Duration : 18'
Year : 2011

​Lucas, a young student with a solitary temperament, recently acquired a telescope. When his friend Florent arrives, he realizes that Lucas seems very interested in the neighbour across the street...

​​Co-written and co-directed with Jean-Christophe Pêcheur

Production Sous les pavés la prod / La Cité de la Prod / City of Strasbourg

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